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Faughs U13 Hurling and Camogie Blitz Photos

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The Annual Faughs U13 Blitz will take place this year on Sun 7 May featuring guest clubs from Laois, Kilkenny, Wexford, Clare, Down, Tipperary,  Galway, Limerick and Dublin

We’d like to extend a big welcome to visiting clubs. We’re really looking forward to seeing you.

  • Who is participating?

    For our second tournament we have received confirmations from the following 10 Clubs from 9counties:

    • The Harps, Durrow, Laois – Hurling & Camogie
    • Dicksboro, Kilkenny – Hurling
    • St. Martins, Wexford – Hurling & Camogie
    • Feakle, Clare – Hurling
    • Ballygalget, Down – Hurling & Camogie
    • Roscrea, Tipperary – Hurling
    • Abbeyknockmoy  Galway, Camogie
    • Monaleen, Limerick Hurling & Camogie
    • Faughs – Hurling & Camogie
    • St.Judes, Templeogue, Dublin – Hurling & Camogie


    What is the format of the tournament?

    Check out the Schedule & Regulations Tabs on this web page.

    What are the rules?

    Check out the Regulations Tab on this web page.

    Are there trophies & medals?

    Yes. We’ll be giving a perpetual cup & medals to each A Final winner. Each team will get a memorial plaque. Presentations will be made by Chris Bennett who is a Faughs & Dublin Senior Hurler and Megan Lewis who is a Faughs & Dublin Senior Camogie Player.

    Where is Faughs?

    Our website shows our location. Tournament Registration takes place at our clubhouse.



    Where will we park?

    We have bus and car parking in St Mac Daras Community College beside Faughs Clubhouse. Use this link to find it on Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/6nvSdiqwGGo.


    What time do we need to arrive?

    Registration starts at 9.00am. The first match starts at 10.00am.


    When will it be finished?

    We hope to have the last match finished by 4.30pm.


    Do you have changing rooms?

    Yes. You’ll be allocated a changing room for the day. Please note that, due to space constraints, you will be sharing with another team.


    Is Faughs organising catering?

    Yes. We’ll be catering for all players and mentors & parents for each club. We’ll be serving tea, coffee, sandwiches and cakes throughout the day from 9.30am. We’ll also be serving miwadi and ice cream for all the team players.

    At 3pm we’ll be firing up our BBQs and serving hot food. The BBQ will be free of charge to your players and up to 4 mentors. Any other supporters travelling with your club will need to pay a small nominal sum for hot food.

    We have a full bar for anyone who wants to buy a pint or a soft drink.

  • Groups

    Hurling Group A Hurling Group B Camogie Group A Camogie Group B
    Ballygalget Dicksboro Abbeyknockmoy Ballygalget
    Feakle Monaleen Monaleen St. Martins
    Harps Durrow St. Martins Harps Durrow Faughs
    Faughs St Judes St Judes Cuala


    Camogie Matches

    Start Times Camogie Pitch 1 Camogie Pitch 2
    10:00 Abbeyknockmoy Monaleen Ballygalget St Martins
    10:45 Harps Durrow St Judes Faughs Cuala
    11:30 Abbeyknockmoy Harps Durrow Ballygalget Faughs
    12:15 Monaleen St Judes St Martins Cuala
    13:45 Abbeyknockmoy St Judes Ballygalget Cuala
    14.30 Monaleen Harps Durrow St Martins Faughs
    15:30 Finals 3rd Group A 3rd Group B 4th Group A 4th Group B
    16:15 Finals 1st Group A 1st Group B 2nd Group A 2nd Group B


    Hurling Matches

    Start Times Hurling Pitch 1 Hurling Pitch 2
    10:00 Ballygalget Feakle Dicksboro Monaleen
    10:45 Harps Durrow Faughs St Martins St.Judes
    11:30 Ballygalget Harps Durrow Dicksboro St Martins
    12:15 Feakle Faughs Monaleen St.Judes
    13:45 Ballygalget Faughs Dicksboro St.Judes
    14.30 Feakle Harps Durrow Monaleen St Martins
    15:30 Finals 3rd Group A 3rd Group B 4th Group A 4th Group B
    16:15 Finals 1st Group A 1st Group B 2nd Group A 2nd Group B


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