Bloody Sunday- Dublin GAA Remembers

On November 21st 1920, 14 people went to a football match at Croke Park between Dublin and Tipperary.

They never came home.

DUBLIN TEAM – The team that played Tipperary in the challenge football match on Bloody Sunday, 21 November 1920. There was no score at the time the match was halted by the police, Auxiliaries and Black and Tans.

Match Ticket – It cost 1 shilling to get into the match

Michael Hogan played for Tipperary and was shot and killed on Bloody Sunday, dying on the pitch in Croke Park. The Hogan stand is named after him.


DubsTV’s Bloody Sunday details the events of that fateful day, narrated by Dublin City Council’s Historian-in-residence Cormac Moore.

Bloody Sunday- Dublin GAA Remembers

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