On Sale Now – The Faughs 2016 Yearbook

For the discerning Faughs fan who’s struggling to get through the winter break with no hurling to watch, this one’s for you:

The Faughs 2016 Yearbook. 

Over one hundred bumper, fun filled pages of facts, photos, events, match reviews, team updates and a report from the Chairman.

All club hurling life is here – relive the joy and excitment of Championship wins, cry at the pain of 1 point defeats, applaud the huge effort that keeps the show on the road, enjoy the excitement of small people playing camogie and hurling, cherish fantastic photos of your nearest and dearest, marvel at all the amazing stuff that goes on that you didn’t know about, store it away in the attic so you can show your grandchildren. Official team photos for every team in the club.  Hours and hour of entertainment and all just for €10. Get 2 in case you wear the first one out.

Available now from all approved Faughs vendors, ie the bar, shop and team mentors.



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