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Faughs Annual Dorry Murray U13 Blitz – Sun 12 May

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The Annual Faughs Dorry Murray U13 Blitz will take place this year on Sun 12 May featuring visiting clubs from counties Down, Louth, Limerick, Kilkenny, Galway, Laois, Carlow, Wexford and of course Dublin .

We’d like to extend a big welcome to visiting clubs. We’re really looking forward to seeing you.

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  • Who is participating?

    • The Harps, Durrow, Laois – Hurling & Camogie
    • Dicksboro, Kilkenny – Hurling
    • St. Martins, Wexford – Hurling & Camogie
    • Ballygalget, Down – Hurling & Camogie
    • Abbeyknockmoy, Galway – Camogie
    • Monaleen, Limerick – Hurling & Camogie
    • Naomh Moninne, Louth – Hurling
    • Setanta, Carlow – Camogie
    • Faughs, Dublin – Hurling & Camogie
    • St.Judes, Dublin – Hurling & Camogie


    9-10am Registration in Faughs Club House.
    Refreshments Available for Teams, Mentors and Parents of visiting clubs
    10.00am First match for Group 1 Teams in both Hurling and Camogie
    First match for Group 2 Teams in both Hurling and Camogie
    12.45pm Lunch for Group 1 Teams in Faughs Club House
    Lunch for Group 2 Teams in Faughs Club House
    2-3pm Ice cream for Team Players
    3.15pm Finals Start for both Camogie and Hurling
    4.45pm Presentation ceremony
    4-6pm Barbecue

    Dorry Murray

    Dorry Murray

    Dorry Murray was a valued member of Faughs. She was a member of the Exec from January 2015 to March 2017 and was our Child Protection Officer.
    Dorry is fondly remembered as a friend by everyone in Faughs.

    A Welcome from The Chairman


  • Groups

    Hurling Group A Hurling Group B Camogie Group A Camogie Group B
    St Martins Dicksboro Abbeyknockmoy Setanta
    Harps Monaleen Harps St. Martins
    Naomh Moninne Ballygalget Monaleen Ballygalget
    Faughs St Judes St Judes Faughs


    Camogie Matches

    Start Times Camogie Pitch 1 Camogie Pitch 2
    10:30 Abbeyknockmoy Harps Setanta St Martins
    11:15 Monaleen St Judes Ballygalget Faughs
    12:00 Abbeyknockmoy Monaleen Setanta Ballygalget
    12:45 Harps St Judes St Martins Faughs
    13:30 Abbeyknockmoy St Judes St Martins Ballygalget
    14.15 Harps Monaleen Setanta Faughs
    15:30 Finals 3rd Group A 3rd Group B 4th Group A 4th Group B
    16:15 Finals 1st Group A 1st Group B 2nd Group A 2nd Group B


    Hurling Matches

    Start Times Hurling Pitch 1 Hurling Pitch 2
    10:30 St Martins Harps Dicksboro Monaleen
    11:15 Naomh Moninne Faughs Ballygalget St.Judes
    12:00 St Martins Naomh Moninne Dicksboro Ballygalget
    12:45 Harps Faughs Monaleen St.Judes
    13:30 St Martins Faughs Dicksboro St.Judes
    14.15 Harps Naomh Moninne Monaleen Ballygalget
    15:30 Finals 3rd Group A 3rd Group B 4th Group A 4th Group B
    16:15 Finals 1st Group A 1st Group B 2nd Group A 2nd Group B


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  • 2016 Gallery


  •    Roll of Honour

    2016 Roscrea Dicksboro
    2017 Ballygalget Abbeyknockmoy
    2018 Dicksboro Harps
    2019 Harps Faughs