Faughs Last Bauble Hanging

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This Christmas in order to bring a bit of fun and excitement to the festive season in the houses of Faughs GAA members and friends we are are organising a Last Bauble Hanging Competition (A raffle in reverse style competition) with exciting prizes to be won!

We have partnered with the Youth mental health Charity Jigsaw and will be selling Christmas Tree baubles from the morning of Friday 13th November at a cost of €10 for the remaining weeks in November.

At the end of the sales period each participant will be allocated a numbered bauble, which we will hang on our virtual Christmas Tree covered in shiny colour baubles.

Each bauble is a number and the player owns that bauble. Every week we draw out numbers. The numbers selected (unfortunately) get removed from the tree. We do this every week until we are left with the last few baubles that win big exciting prizes in the Middle of December.

How do I enter?

Purchase your bauble for €10 each at the link below using the Clubforce payments platform. You random number will be allocated once the sales process is finished in a few weeks. We’ll then start to remove the baubles from the tree.

Click here to purchase your bauble now

About Jigsaw

Jigsaw offer a listening ear and give expert advice and support, online and in-person, to young people across Ireland, aged 12 to 25 years old. For more info go to their website.


Thanks very much for your support.

Faughs GAA Club