Faughs Tapkey Locks

The Tapkey smartphone app must be installed on your phone to open the gym and exterior doors. See Steps below for more info / setup instructions.

Please review the videos below for the procedure to lock and unlock the Dressing Rooms Exterior Fire Door.

Note: The Exterior Fire Door, once unlocked, remains unlocked until it is locked again. If you are last to leave the building or Gym you MUST lock if after you.

Only use the Tapkey App with the email address from which you received the sign up email. Other email address will not work. If you need to change this email contact locks@faughs.ie

Gym access is for Adults (over 18) only.

Contact locks@faughs.ie if you have a query or need assistance.


  1. Approved, registered users will receive an email saying “You have been granted access”
  2. The email has a link to a quick start page with a link to install the App.
  3. Once the App is installed you need to sign in using the same email address from which you received the granted access email
  4. If your email address is gmail or apple id, you can sign into the App straight away with “CONTINUE WITH GOOGLE” / “CONTINUE WITH APPLE”
  5. For other email addresses use the “CONTINUE WITH EMAIL” option
    • On first time use, you need to use the “Create an account” option to create a new Tapkey account
    • On the Create account page, enter email address and choose a password and click “CREATE ACCOUNT”
    • You will then receive another email titled “Verify your email for Tapkey ” with a confirmation link.  Click on this confirmation  link and then return to Tapkey App and click “CONTINUE TO SIGNIN”
    • Sign in with your email address and the password you have just entered
  6. Once you are signed in, you should have Smartphone keys as follows, depending on your entitlements:
    • Eamonn Rea Gym (new gym nearest the bar)
    • Una O’Connor Gym (old gym furthest from bar)
    • Exterior Fire door
  7. You may need to grant the App Location Services permissions on your phone to facilitate the Bluetooth connection setup
  8. The doors are opened by Bluetooth.  Once you are at the door, open the App, select the door you want to open with the left / right arrows, tap and hold the button until the door lock unlocks
  9. Android phones can also use NFC – just open app and touch phone to the door lock.
  10. The Gym doors open with a handle and then close and lock automatically once you enter.
  11. For the Exterior door,
    • UNLOCKING – (See Video Below) use the smartphone Tapkey App to gain access to the lock, you then need to turn the lower knob anti clockwise to physically unlock the door, then open the door using the upper knob.  Once unlocked the door will remain unlocked until it is locked again. See Video Below.
    • LOCKING – ( See Video Below) close the door, use the smartphone Tapkey App to gain access to the lock, you then need to turn the lower knob clockwise to physically lock the door.