Juvenile Mentors’ Info: Goals and Nets in Tymon

In the front container in Tymon;

– 6 sets of 4.5m goals stored with back-bar in place

– Plenty of crossbars

– Plenty of plastic post extensions

– 6 nets placed 2 per bag, 2 of the nets are new and there are 2 bags of new net clips

– 1 Bucket containing 9 standard + 1 non-standard goal anchors (no hammer)

– Plenty of marker flags (about 24)

The back container should not need to be accessed, at the moment it contains 2 spare (old) 4.5m nets, 2 non standard goal sides, and 3 narrow-diameter plastic post extensions.



  1. Be extremely careful that goals are anchored or placed face down in windy conditions, they can blow over surprisingly easily.
  2. Ask mentors/parents to only remove the cross-bar and then fold in the goal sides before storage.
  3. Ask mentors/parents to be extremely careful with the goal anchors as they damage grass mowers, make sure you can account for all of them after you finish your match.
  4. Make sure net clips stay on the nets and the nets are stored away 2 per bag.