Lucky First Goal. And the winner is: 18:51

The official time of the Faughs Lucky First Goal, as determined by panel of independent Faughs experts, is 18.51

If you are the holder of the winning scratchcard, please get in touch to collect your €500.

Thanks to all to participated.

We’re having a fundraiser based on the time of the first goal scored in the upcoming Dublin v. Galway Leinster Senior Hurling match on 31st May.

Scratch cards are available from team mentors , in the club shop, and in the bar at €2 or 3 for €5.

Scratch your card to reveal a pre printed, unique time prediction for the first goal scored (or there’s a single “no goal” card).

If your time turns out to be correct – you win!  Simple as that.

Please support.

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Sample Ticket