U10 T1 vs Westmanstown – 22/04/16

Match 1:

It was a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning in Tymon Park, when the U10s T1 lined out two teams against Westmanstown.

In the first match our boys applied ferocious pressure from the very start, with Aaron, Oscar and Henry dominating the mid field. It was great to see all the lads attempting to rise the ball at every opportunity and successfully in most cases. Superb points from Aaron and Oscar, on top of a good few goals, gave the lads a healthy lead and some great defending in the backs from Binath and Harry, left Westmanstown scoreless at the break.

The second half was no different. It was great to see the way the lads remained in their positions, marked the opposition and battled for every ball. Goals from Thomas Dalton and Tom O’Byrne were probably the highlight of the many scores.

Overall it was an amazing performance from all the boys, and a massive improvement from our last game. Man of the match was tight to decide but Aaron’s performance gets the vote this week.

Keep up the great work.

Team : Charlie R, Tomas O’N, Harry A, Conor K, Binath N, Oscar O’C, Henry W, Aaron M, Thomas D, Tom O’B.


Match 2:

Faughs A 27 – 16 Westmonstown A. Tymon Park

Conor Ward, Joe Fowler, James Geoghegan, Richie Hogan, Dillon Thornton, Oisin Monelly, Aidan Mostyn, James Barry

Another great show this Saturday from Richie’s [well Tony & Dave’] A’s. The weather was perfect which is suiting our fast attaching style. A fast attacking style that was required to cut through a strong well organised Westmanstown team.

The first half we took the advantage of playing down the Tymon slope. Early scores from Aidan “the sniper” Mosten settled us and allowed us play our own game. There were many attacks staved off from Oisin and James, clearing and delivering super passes through Midfield. James B found himself isolated with two forwards winning the ball under pressure treading a pass to Aidan who duly split the posts right midfield. The battles in midfield were fierce throughout the game, physically Westmanstown were dominant but pace from James Geoghegan, Dillon Thornton and improved one touch and burst skills kept Faughs with better outcomes from less procession for a period. The forwards of Joe, Richie and Conor took every opportunity. Joe scoring from the midst of a storm at one stage.


The second half started at a frantic pace, Westmanstown’s [now with the hill] early onslaught was slowed and controlled. But in fairness to our opposition they got full reward from the intensive attached. The midfield battle was fierce with a couple of faugh’s players sidelined for a few minutes by very fair shoulders, William “Shoulders” O’Leary stepped in for a few minutes when we were down to seven men. Westmanstown took a couple of knocks from close contests but kept the pressure on us. The rotating goalies [Joe, Richie, Conor] did a super job with many saves from close quarters. Conor after a stint in goal was unleashed, he ended up with the score of the game, driven into the right hand corner by two defenders he split the posts from the most obtuse angle. The neutral and away supporters confirm the score to the ref. Richie whilst being charged down rifled a ground shot for a super goal. Aidan and Oisin took a couple of super frees. James B scored a three pointer from open play attacking the hill. Great team comradery was displayed when players who won frees were encouraged to take them. If the match was tighter the marksmen would have secured more points from the set pieces.


Skills have definitely improved from the Sarfields match a few weeks ago. We racked up a number of skills points for catches and blocks. The real difference was in the first touch to hand, burst, touch and then release whilst moving forward at speed…….more of the same, more confidence = more fun.