Faughs Main Pitch Development Progress

04 Sep

The grass is coming along nicely on the main pitch. See a video from centre field which gives a very different perspective on the pitch compared to view from playground corner! Magic stuff. Thank God for Irish Summer Rain.

15th Aug

For any members that may be wondering – the latest instalment on the main pitch is the Reinforced grass surface at goal mouths – Real grass grows up through it, the idea being you have durability of an artificial surface with the feel of real grass.

6th Aug

Osprey Pitch: Work is progressing on our Faughs Osprey Ball Stop Nets. When finished this will save our umpires time and the club money in retrieving sliotars! Should be finished sometime next week all going well.

4th Aug
Main Pitch: The grass is coming along nicely, fingers crossed it continues to do so. We are very excited to start hurling on this pitch in 2021!
31st July
Work has finally started on Long Overdue Faughs Osprey Ball Stop Nets. Hopefully finished early next week. Eddie & Dan are on duty to repaint the goalposts!
28th July
The first green shoots are very visible – Thank God for July Rain!
23rd July
Pitch drainage completed, sand mixed, seeded….now lets pray for rain every day!
9th July
Sand layer & topsoil mix going down, getting ready for reseeding!
23rd June
Pitch is formed, cross pitch drainage 80% complete. Next stage after this will be surface treatment, sand mix & then reseeding. The first picture is new Goalkeeper view from top end. No longer looking down a steep hill!
11th June
Main Carrier Drain & Outlall to lake completed. Topsoil being spread to allow pitch drainage works & following on surface treatment.
24th May
Contractors are back making progress now on the Tymon main pitch contract. Surface in levelled & settled, footpath realigned, & the drainage works are underway – so we are in a good place to see great progress over the Summer. We are hopeful that progress made will continue, to allow reseeding in September this year.
On a separate project, we received planning permission for ballstop nets on Osprey, a Contractor is now appointed & these new Osprey nets should be in place by the end of June.